The perfect surface to apply the product must be solid and stable; completely clean: free of loose particles, waxes and grease. It means: it must be structurally able to tolerate the efforts that are transmitted from the surface.
Deep imperfections must be filled with patching material; microfloor cement is preferred: adding masonry sand depending on the case, and leaving it to forge according with the deepness.


Cement microfloor is spreaded over the surface with a trowel; a thin coat is applied as if it were filling material, almost without leaving thickness and occupying all the hollows that the substrate may have.
Once it dried, the surface has to be straightened in order to eliminate any imperfection. Additional layers can be applied till the desired flatness is obtained, and it does not cause marks or reliefs on the surface. The minimum temperature of applying is 10 ºC.


The first, with a dilution of the 20 to 50% with water as priming and the second and third layer, once dried the previous  ( 3 to 4 hours in summer and 4 to 6 hours in winter ) ,only with the product. This applying can be performed with sponge, pad, brush, trowel, etc., trying to achieve a waxing application style in order to avoid marks.
These 2 coats of pure MICROFLOOR FINISHING will make a satiny or shiny finishing. In the last layer, a 5 % of catalyst can be added.